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No persons under 21 after 8pm on Friday & saturday

6pm-8pm every monday night.png


Mark your calendars

Live Music Lineup

Friday July 12th 8pm-11pm

5 Guys Named Moe

Saturday July 13th 8pm-11pm

Rev Dog and the Heard

Sunday July 14th 1pm-2pm

Bernie Glim and Friends

Friday July 19th 8pm-11pm

Matt, Zach, and Tom

Saturday July 20th 8pm-11pm

The M80's

Sunday July 21st 1pm-4pm

Rumble Catz

Saturday July 27th 8pm-11pm

Moving Targets

Sunday July 28th 1pm-4pm


Friday August 2nd 8pm-11pm

Big Weekend

Sunday August 4th 1pm-4pm

Joe Orozco

Friday August 9th 8pm-11pm

John Elroy

Saturday August 10th 8pm-11pm

My Dads Cover Band

Sunday August 11th 4pm-7pm

Matt, Zack, and Tom

Friday August 16th 8pm-11pm

Pauly and the Shakers

Sunday August 18th 2pm-5pm

Five Guys Named Moe

Friday August 23rd 8pm-11pm

Abby Kasch

Saturday August 24th 8pm-11pm


Sunday August 25th 2:30pm-5:30pm

Rocks Off

Friday August 30th 8pm-11pm

X-Town Classics

Saturday August 31st 8pm-11pm

Replay Band

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